Birkenstock Leather Shoes

By Mirena

The best leather shoes have got to be made by Birkenstock.  I love my leather shoes.  I have worn Birkenstocks now for six years.  I only have occasion to need tennis leather shoes every once in a great while.

Birkenstock leather shoes come in so many wonderful varieties.  For women, Birkenstock leather shoes offer sandals, clogs and shoes.  The offerings are the same for men.

There are even Birkenstock leather shoes for kids.  They have classic styles like Arizona, Boston and Roma available in kids’ sizes.  My daughter fell in love with her pink Birkenstock leather shoes and may now be a lifelong convert.

My mother-in-law really likes Birkenstock leather shoes.  She prefers the style that is a completely enclosed leather shoe with an adjustable strap.  She has three pairs right now, a black one, a dark brown one and a white one.

The only pair of Birkenstock leather shoes that I’ve owned that I did not absolutely love was my clogs.  I just didn’t like them at all.  I wore them for about a year before I donated them to a friend that wanted leather shoes.

The pair of Birkenstock leather shoes that I am wearing right now is from their Milano collection.  I love the heal strap on this pair of leather shoes.

The very first pair of Birkenstock leather shoes that I ever wore was a gift from my mother-in-law.  She took me to a retailer in Dallas and I chose the classic Arizona style in black.  I wore those shoes non-stop for several years.  I will always have fond memories of those leather shoes.

I am a big fan of the Birkenstock shoes for many reasons.  I think that they are comfortable.  I think that the quality of construction is second to none and I love the variety of styles and colors that Birkenstock leather shoes have to offer.

I have yet to try the Birkenstock leather shoes in the Gizeh collection.  I am just not sure how much I would like them.  I must admit, I am very tempted by the Memphis taupe leather shoes in that collection.



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