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Leather accessories are very popular for consumer electronics.  You can get leather accessories for MP3 players and PDAs as well as handheld PCs.  I have several leather accessories for my electronic devices.

One of the nicest leather accessories I've seen lately is the XtremeMac Apple iPod Video Leather Accessory Case 30/60.  It was a saddle brown color and was designed to both the 30GB and 60GB iPod with video.  There were built-in screen and click wheel protections and it allowed access to the headphone jack and the hold switch even when it was closed.

The XtremeMac Apple iPod Video Leather Accessory Case was designed like a wallet and had interior pockets for ID, cash and credit cards.  It was truly one of the more wonderful leather accessories for consumer electronics that you could purchase for fewer than thirty dollars.  The advertisement that I saw said that the leather was super soft.

Men's leather accessories include belts and cases.  None of the offerings in men's leather accessories is very elaborate or ornate.  Those touches are saved for women's leather accessories.  Men can also find leather accessories for wallets and backpacks if they look hard enough.  Usually western wear shops are the place to find men's leather accessories.

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One of my own personal leather accessories is a key chain.  My mother bought me a pretty little leather ladybug key fob that I keep on my key ring.  I also use leather accessories for my hair.  I have a leather butterfly and a leather ponytail wrap in my collection of leather accessories for my hair.  I wear the ponytail wrap while I ride my motorcycle to keep my hair secure.

I have a lot of leather accessories and my favorite is my purse from Detroit that is a dark rose color.  It came with cosmetic case and a cell phone case that all match.  It was truly my lucky day when I found these for sale.  I like the coordinating leather accessories that I found and that they were my favorite color was a total bonus.

I think that leather belt accessories for men are really cute.  I've seen all manner of holders that attach right to their belt.  My dad has an accessory that he puts his pocket knife into and I've always liked the belt leather accessories that hold guns.  I don't know many cops that would consider their holster and handcuff holders to be leather accessories, but they are just that.

The only leather accessories that I really don't like are the mature ones.  I have no need for mature leather accessories.  I was given something that looked like a riding crop at my bachelorette party and I was really offended.  I was too embarrassed to even to return it to the store.  I think that it may still be buried in my closet somewhere.



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